Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meeting of EU project „Protection of victims of gender-based violence – response to pandemic challenges (RISKFREE)“

On May 25 2022 the Autonomous Women’s House Zagreb organized a kick-off meeting with partner organizations on the EU project “Protection of victims of gender-based violence – response to pandemic challenges (RISKFREE)“. The meeting was held both in person in Zagreb and via Zoom. Representatives of the Autonomous Women’s House Zagreb, Center for Women War Victims – ROSA (Croatia), Union of Women’s Associations of Heraklion – UWAH (Greece), Association for Nonviolent Communication – DNK (Slovenia) participated in the meeting, Fenestra (Slovakia) and Women for Women Together Against Violence – NANE (Hungary) participated in the meeting.

During the meeting the roles and responsibilities of the project coordinator and partners were presented, target groups were analyzed, proposal of methodologies for the implementation of main activities, financial provisions and obligations of partners were presented.

During the meeting the participants started with the preparation of the Work packages 2, 3 and 4. The methodology for the organization of the trainings of professionals working with women survivors (representatives of the police, judiciary and social workers), as well as the visibility of the project and communication tools were also discussed.

Methodology for conducting the survey with women survivors of gender-based violence and the ways in which interviews will be conducted were discussed. The content and methodology for drafting national and comparative risk assessment reports were also presented and discussed.

Finally, representatives of partner organizations discussed national events related to the presentation of project results, as well as the final international conference to be held in Slovenia.

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