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Our vision is a society where every woman is free to make decisions about her life, fully enjoying her rights and freedoms without violence and discrimination. Changing society’s attitudes towards violence against women is a long process. The journey from an abusive relationship to a life of safety and freedom from fear is a long and difficult one. Thanks to your support, we will be able to continue to accompany women and their children on this journey, while striving to make Slovakia a country with zero tolerance of violence against women. Thank you!

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Does your partner justify his violent behaviour by drinking or having a bad day at work, etc.?

< 15 / 16 >

Has your partner ever prevented you from leaving the house?

< 14 / 16 >

Does your partner force sex or sexual practices that are uncomfortable for you?

< 13 / 16 >

Does your partner threaten to take your children away from you or not let you take them with you if you try to leave him?

< 12 / 16 >

Has your partner ever prevented you from taking necessary medication or seeking medical help when you needed it?

< 11 / 16 >

Does your partner force you to do things you don't want to do?

< 10 / 16 >

Has there been a situation when your partner did not give you money and you could not buy things you needed for yourself and your children because of this?

< 9 / 16 >

Has your partner ever threatened you?

< 8 / 16 >

Has your partner ever hurt you or your children?

< 7 / 16 >

Have you ever had a partner deliberately destroy your personal belongings or your children's personal belongings?

< 6 / 16 >

Do you sometimes change your behaviour because you are afraid of what your partner will say or do to you?

< 5 / 16 >

Are you sometimes afraid of your partner?

< 4 / 16 >

Does he criticize, humiliate, insult, berate you?

< 3 / 16 >

Does your partner accuse you of flirting or having relationships with other men?

< 2 / 16 >

Does your partner control you or stalk you?

< 1 / 16 >

Does your partner prevent you from seeing friends or family?


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